Brett Blundy and Vanessa Speer

Brett Blundy is the Chairman and Founder of BB Retail Capital (BBRC), a private investment firm with a near 40-year track record of successfully creating, growing and investing in businesses. The firm has grown from a single record store in Australia to a global investment portfolio valued at over US$1.2bn. While BBRC’s story began with retail, it is fundamentally opportunistic with portfolio consists of investments across five key verticals – Consumer, Funds Management, Property, Agriculture and Technology. People and culture are always the first investment consideration. BBRC seek out operating partners aligned with BBRC’s 10+1 culture commitments as they are responsible for instilling BBRC’s culture in each of the portfolio companies.

BBRC currently has two offices in Sydney and New York respectively.

Brett has a strong passion and focus for innovation and continuous improvement. Since 2014, Brett has sat on the XPRIZE Innovation Board. Brett is also a member of the Board of Directors of Human Longevity Inc, headquartered in San Diego, California since 2015. Brett is a member of YPO since 1993.