Kevin Wall

Kevin Wall is an Emmy Award-winning producer, activist and new media entrepreneur. He has enjoyed more than three decades in producing and distributing some of the largest global live events in history, most notably Live 8, a global live event which earned Wall an Emmy Award as it motivated millions of viewers worldwide to pressure Western governments to take action on African aid and debt relief. With his company - Control Room - Wall pioneered the platform-agnostic digital media model making entertainment content available globally on all mediums and devices.

In addition to music and entertainment, Kevin has a passion for technology and investing. Starting with a global Internet consulting firm that he cofounded in the late 1990s, Wall led the strategic acquisition and organization of 42 Internet design and consulting companies to build a venture with 3,000 employees, 38 offices and annual revenues of over $400 million. His two decades of investment and consulting early start-ups include companies like Facebook, Akamai, Netjet, KeVita, HLI, and currently new companies in VR & AR including 8i, Hype VR, Meta, and Splash.

He is the proud recipient of a variety of entertainment and philanthropy awards, including MIDEM Green Award, Billboard Touring Conference Humanitarian Award, Ad Age Marketer of the Year, GQ Environmental Pillar Award, Environmental Media Association Outstanding Achievement Award, and the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.