Maxx Echt

Project Manager, Prize Operations

I Prize Wilderness.

Maxx Echt has helped manage the operations for a number of competitions over the past three years at XPRIZE. As Project Manager for the Prize Operations Department, Mr. Echt utilizes his experience in operating large scale projects, specifically in regard to coordinating between industry leaders and experts, to drive the successful execution of XPRIZE competitions. 

Prior to joining XPRIZE, Mr. Echt held positions at several large-scale botanical gardens in Southern California where he developed water management protocols and sustainability initiatives for these nonprofit institutions. Mr. Echt also served as an active member on the Raymond Basin Management Board, where he fought to defend groundwater allocations for the smaller rights-holders in the region. 

As an Environmental Studies graduate from The University of California Santa Barbara, Mr. Echt is passionate about natural resource protection and water security. When not promoting these causes in and out of the office, Mr. Echt enjoys being immersed in nature, whether through long-distance remote backpacking trips or winter snowboarding adventures in the Sierras.