The Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE is a 22-month competition that will be comprised of four phases: Innovation Phase, Lab Trials, Coastal Trials, and Ocean Trials.

  1. Phase 1: Innovation Phase

    During Phase 1, teams will register and build their submissions for the competition. During this phase, the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE Forum, at Oceanology International at the ExCel Center in London, UK from March 11-13, 2014, will take place. This phase will push teams to develop innovative solutions to ocean pH sensing and to educate the public about ocean acidification. During this phase, teams will be invited to register for the competition and submit supporting materials such as study results, diagrams, videos and prototypes.

    Once a team has been enrolled as a competitor and has completed its submission, it may revise its submitted materials up until the deadline for each phase. This will allow a certain amount of flexibility and enable teams to update their submissions as they uncover more evidence or create more materials that might help them in the competition.

    Teams will also be given additional resources they may need to compete such as fundraising advice and opportunities, developing partnerships with other teams who have complementary strengths, obtaining social media skills, or obtaining legal advice.

  2. Phase 2: Lab Trials The Lab Trials will put teams’ technologies through a rigorous three-month trial in controlled laboratory conditions to test the accuracy, precision, and stability of their sensors.
  3. Phase 3: Coastal Trials The Coastal Trials will place the top teams’ technologies in the face of challenging coastal conditions to evaluate their performance over the course of a month-long real-world test.
  4. Phase 4: Ocean Trials The Ocean Trials will challenge the five finalists for the Accuracy Purse to measure a full ocean depth with unprecedented accuracy.

The Awards The winners of the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE will be announced at the conclusion of the Ocean Trials Phase. XPRIZE may elect to announce the winners of each event at a major industry conference and provide finalists with the opportunity to display and showcase their systems. Competition Timeline (dates subject to change)

Launch (San Francisco) September 9, 2013
Intent to Compete submissions open September 9, 2013
PHASE 1: Innovation Phase
Registration opens January 31, 2014
Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE Forum (London) March 11-13, 2014
Early-bird Registration deadline March 31, 2014
Final Registration deadline June 30, 2014
Virtual Team Summit (online) July 2014
PHASE 2: Lab Trials
Entry Submission Form deadline July 31, 2014
Judging Panel Review August 2014
Phase 2a: 5-day accuracy trials September 2014
Phase 2b begins 3-month lab trials September 2014
Phase 2b ends December 2014
Team Summit December 2014
Results of Phase 2 announced January 2015
PHASE 3: Coastal Trials
Phase 3 deadline for updates to Entry Submission Form January 2015
One-month Coastal Trials (Seattle) February 2015
Results of Phase 3 announced March 2015
PHASE 4: Sea Trials – Finals
Phase 4 deadline for updates to Entry Submission Form April 2015
Competition finals: 5-day Sea Trials for finalists (Hawaii) May 2015
Award Ceremony July 2015

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