Aifred Health

Montreal, Canada

About Us

Aifred Health is a Montreal-based digital health company focused on clinical decision support in mental health, starting with depression. Depression affects over 300 million people worldwide today. Currently available treatments are not well-differentiated and physicians are often insufficiently trained in the management of complex mental health conditions, leading to an arduous and lengthy “trial and error” approach to treatment. Aifred operationalizes best evidence guidelines, together with AI-based insights, to support better treatment management, and matching of individual patients to the right treatment, with the goal of getting more patients to remission overall and also improving time to remission for those patients. With our interdisciplinary team of physicians, neuroscientists and machine learning engineers, Aifred’s mission is to support significant improvements in the care of millions of patients across the world suffering from depression.


While numerous treatment options for depression exist, individual responses to treatment vary tremendously. In fact, two thirds of patients will not recover after their first treatment trial.  Our solution uses AI to learn from thousands of patients to help tailor treatment, reducing the time it takes for a patient to reach remission. Specifically, we use deep learning to perform differential treatment selection, which allows us to capture complex relationships within patient data. We have built a clinician-patient application that allows patients to answer questionnaires about their mental state and quality of life, and visualizes this data for both the patient and clinician while providing key decision support for treatment.