Element Inc.

New York City, NY, United States

About Us

Element is a biometric digital identity company that partners with forward-thinking financial institutions, governments, and healthcare organizations to transform how they deliver essential services. Co-founded by Yann LeCun, Element was the first modern AI company focused on digital identity, and laid the foundation for deploying deep learning on mobile devices.

Since 2017, Element has been managing the world’s largest infant biometric program - working with world-class healthcare institutions across Bangladesh (icddr,b), Cambodia (Angkor Hospital for Children), and Mozambique (Manhica Health Research Centre) to extend their solution to infants and children 0-5 years of age. Today, the program reaches 10,000 infants and children, with the ultimate goal of developing a biometric solution to link children to vaccinations, birth registration, and other essential health and social services. 

Element’s infant biometric team is a unique mix of deep learning researchers, engineers, and public health professionals who have experience in global health programming, policymaking, and building partnerships to scale innovation.


Elementʼs solution uses the common cameras on mobile devices to capture and authenticate biometric modalities - without requiring specialized hardware. Their AI product pipeline is a sequence of subsystems working on specific tasks using various deep architectures to learn robust features directly from data. This pipeline can be configured to run end-to-end offline - without connectivity - local to the mobile device.

By leveraging the common cameras on mobile devices - of which, by 2025, there will be 6 billion+ in the world - Element aims to create a “future proof” approach to delivering biometric digital identity.