Munich, Germany

About Us

At Orbem.ai, we’re passionate about improving life with AI-powered sensor technology. Our mission is to transform food systems towards a sustainable and animal friendly future. We envision an efficient poultry industry that guarantees animal welfare, producing enough food to feed the rising population without wasting over 9 billion infertile eggs or unethically killing 7 billion newborn male chicks. By classifying eggs, we can have an impact on the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. Orbem.ai was born as an interdisciplinary and international team from the Technical University of Munich and is headquartered in Munich, Germany. 


Our technology edge lies at the interface of non-invasive sensor technology with cutting-edge AI. Specifically, we combine accelerated magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with deep learning. Accelerated MRI enables us to visualize and measure structures within eggs without altering or damaging them, whereas deep learning algorithms automatically process the data to predict the fertility status or sex of each egg.  

Our imaging solutions are based on human-AI collaboration: human experts imprint knowledge to our systems, whereas AI makes this knowledge work at scale. Our synergistic human-AI systems have applications across many industries: we can analyze and classify all kinds of biological samples in a harmless and contactless procedure. This includes food products, pharmaceuticals, and all living species.