The 3D-Structured Seafood Solution

May 16 2024

Revo Foods, a 3D-food-structuring company based in Austria, has revolutionized texture in the alternative protein market. It has done so by developing a unique technology that allows for the continuous production of two independent food materials—protein and fat—that create fish and octopus meat synthetically when combined. 

The team at Revo Foods uses microproteins derived from fungi to create complex protein structures that cannot be achieved with traditional food production technology. These structures create realistic and favorable textures in Revo Foods’ products that are naturally healthier than conventional seafood. With this innovative process, its products are rich in proteins, Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA/EPA), and vitamins while remaining free from harmful heavy metals and toxins that may contaminate traditional seafood. 

Salmon being extruded out of Revo Foods' machine

CEO Robin Simsa created Revo Foods because of his concern for the ramifications of overfishing. XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion was the perfect opportunity to tackle this challenge on a global scale. Simsa highlights the importance of considering the impact of our choices and the life we want future generations to have:

“Each one of us has a big opportunity to contribute to change and what we want to see. There is no need to limit ourselves. We can make better choices while enjoying the same tastes as we've had in the past.” 

Revo Foods has advanced to the finals of Feed the Next Billion as one of only six remaining teams. Simsa hopes that their solution will be a positive contribution for health, nutrition, and sustainability. 

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