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The ANB team comprises three partners, Schlumberger, Cambridge Microfab and Hull University. Schlumberger is providing the sensing solution, associated intellectual property and financial backing for the XPRIZE entry. Cambridge Microfab developed the sensor’s architecture, power and control systems and an academic from Hull University designed the analogue electronics board required to undertake the voltametric measurement. The team within Schlumberger is actively researching and developing chemical sensors primarily based on electrochemical technologies. Through this work, we now have a strong portfolio of intellectual property covering the sensing of H2S and pH, which is relevant to measuring and monitoring the pH of the oceans. The strong research and engineering foundation of ANB has led, as a result of participation in the XPRIZE competition, to the development of new methods for pH sensing, new voltammetry devices, anti-fouling designs for sensors that are immersed in an ocean environment for long periods of time, effective and efficient engineering designs for the pH sensor system, new signal processing electronics and much more.  You can expect to see a pHenom sensor in a reservoir near you in the next five years.

About Team Leader

Nathan is currently the program manager and a senior research scientist of the Chemical Sensors and Energy Devices group at Schlumberger Cambridge Research in the UK. Prior to joining Schlumberger, Nathan undertook a postdoctoral role with Prof. Joe Wang at New Mexico State University and in 2003, he completed his Ph.D. at the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford University under the supervision of Professor Richard Compton. During his career, Nathan has authored over 120 research papers (H-index = 35), co-authored a chemistry textbook, a book chapter and over 30 patents. One of his patents developed in collaboration with Oxford University led to the creation of a spin-off company in pH sensing (Senova Systems, Inc., USA). His work has been previously recognized by the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2001 (Ronald Belcher Lectureship), in 2010 (Harrison-Meldola Prize) and in 2014 (Young Industrialist of the Year). Nathan has also received an internal Schlumberger award for the SGR patent of the year in 2011 for his work on pH sensing. Nathan is continuing his electrochemical pH sensing collaborations with Hull and Oxford Universities.

Team Members

Dr. Nathan LawrenceSteven GahlingsWilliam Barrow
Team Leader:
Dr. Nathan Lawrence
Cambridge, Cambs, United Kingdom

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