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HpHS (Hybrid pH sensor) is our new in situ pH sensor for the long-term seawater pH monitoring. The HpHS team consists of research scientists and engineers from the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) and Kimoto Electric Co., Ltd., respectively. JAMSTEC’s main objective is to contribute to the advancement of academic research in addition to the improvement of marine science and technology. Moving forward, this company is doing fundamental research and development on marine, and the cooperative activities on the academic research related to the ocean for the benefit of the peace and human welfare. Kimoto Electric Co., Ltd. has been making their efforts to develop the continuous automatic measuring devices to measures contaminants of the ambient air, the water and global environment, as one pioneer and a special maker of the environmental analyzer in Japan. Since 1998, Dr. Yoshiyuki Nakano has been developing unique in situ chemical sensors (pH profiler, CO2 profiler, CO2 drifting buoy and pH-CO2 hybrid sensor) with Kimoto Electric Co. He has been working with some teams and company members for more than 10 years. Our team has a lot of experience and skills in the chemical sensors for the ocean. We are planning to provide the HpHS for researchers and environmental consultants for observation of the CCS (Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage) monitoring system, the coastal environment monitoring system (e.g. blue carbon) and ocean acidification.

About Team Leader

Dr. Nakano is affiliated with the Marine Sensor Technology Group, Marine Technology Development Department, Marine Technology and Engineering Center (MARITEC), JAMSTEC. He received his M.S. in 2000 and Ph.D. in 2004 in earth environmental science from Hokkaido University. He served as support scientist in the Hokkaido National Fisheries Research Institute (04-05) as research scientist in the Mutsu Institute for Oceanography, JAMSTEC (05-09) and MARITEC, JAMSTEC (09). He has developed in situ pH and CO2 sensors from the surface to the deep ocean. The principle of measurement for these sensors is based on the spectrophotometry. His research interests include air-sea CO2 flux, ocean acidification, carbon cycle, carbon capture and storage and mineral resource exploration.

Team Members

Yoshiyuki Nakano
Tetsuya Miwa
Takeshi Egashira
Katsumoto Kinoshita
Yasuhiko Okada
Kozaburo Nishio
Team Leader:
Yoshiyuki Nakano
Yokosuka, Japan

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