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About Us

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) undertakes integrated ocean research and technology development from the coast to the deep ocean. It provides long-term marine science capability including: major facilities, sustained ocean observing, mapping and survey, data management and scientific advice. The National Oceanography Centre is a world leader in oceanographic research and environmental sensors development. The Ocean Technology and Engineering Group of the NOC is at the forefront of enabling scientists to take measurements and observations where and when they require. Our vision is to be one of the world’s top research groups inventing, designing, building and deploying sensors and instruments for high resolution and quality oceanographic observations.

About Team Leader

As the head of the Analytical Science Team of the Ocean Technology and Engineering Group, Dr. Socratis Loucaides leads a team of scientists developing analytical assays and applying them to autonomous sensors. Projects span from spectrophotometric assays and electrochemical techniques to molecular assays and biosensor development. Current projects include the development and optimization of analytical assays for the determination of carbonate chemistry parameters (DIC, TA, pH, pCO2), organic and inorganic nutrients (N, P, Si), metals (Fe, Mn) and harmful algal species and their toxins. Socratis is a marine biogeochemist with experience in marine analytical chemistry and biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nutrients. He holds a Ph.D. in Earth Science from Utrecht University and a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Marine and Environmental Science from the University of North Carolina.

Team Leader:
Socratis Loucaides
Southampton, United Kingdom

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