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About Us

Jack Maughan heard about the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE and has never looked back. He asked two close friends to team up for the pH sensor development and his sisters for marketing and fundraising help. There have been work weekends that were awesome and several that were very frustrating but ultimately the team has forged a high quality pH sensor. Each member of the team is “in charge” of some aspect of the pH sensor development and we have each learned multitudes of new skills. Our primary goal is to get easy-to-use, affordable, accurate, pH sensors in the ocean, and have some fun on the way!

About Team Leader

My name is Lisa Walder and my official title is Project Manager but due to the rest of our team being teenagers and having constricted daytime hours, I have the Team Lead by default! Though, anyone who has spent time with team pHFine Scale knows that Jack is our true leader. I manage the day-to-day scheduling of the team, emails and deadlines are wrestled, pH sensor workdays and weekends planned, along with plenty of other very essential critical team minutia. My history includes managing the manufacturing and delivery of High Resolution pH sensors used in a coral reef ocean acidification study conducted at Heron Island, off the coast of Australia. I have a masters degree from California Polytechnic State University, web marketing and sales experience, customer service and project management training. My strength is in creating an organization that fosters teamwork, innovation and passion in producing quality products. While participating in the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE, I was able to startup a company, iSea Solutions, to create instruments and a software application for environmental monitoring and water management.

Team Members

Lisa Walder
Jack Maughan
Ethan Kurteff
Benek Robertson
Caroline Maughan
Bridgett Maughan
Team Leader:
Lisa Walder
Seaside, CA, United States

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