About Us

Team SEAS is comprised of a mix of distinguished scientists and engineers from SRI International (SRI), the University of South Florida (USF), and Battelle Memorial Institute (BMI) who have come together with the common goal of saving the ocean for future generations. While this may sound lofty, our combined expertise in designing advanced sensors and instruments, establishing procedures for highly accurate optical measurements of ocean pH, and implementing marine technology in a wide variety of maritime applications gives us the unparalleled ability to enable further critical research in ocean acidification. Team SEAS includes members from SRI and USF whose extensive work in measuring the pH of ocean waters forms the basis of the validation process of entries used by the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE competition. Team members from BMI provide expertise in protecting instruments both from growth by biological organisms, as well as high pressure exerted by working in deep water environments. We are driven by the challenge of designing instruments for extremely demanding environments, and the collaboration of science and engineering lets us push on technology boundaries to obtain new capabilities for collecting data that has never been seen before.

About Team Leader

Eric Kaltenbacher is a program manager in SRI’s Space and Marine Technology Laboratory. In this role, he develops and fields world-class optics-based marine instruments for precise measurement of many ocean constituents. Mr. Kaltenbacher’s experience includes many facets of design, such as optical system design, prototyping and alignment, raytracing and lens system modeling. His design experience also includes design and construction of electro-optical sensors and systems, electronic circuit design and printed circuit board layout, developing firmware for microprocessors, spectrophotometric and colorimetric analysis, and project management with a focus on development and construction of prototype hardware.

At SRI, his projects have included development of spectrophotometric sensors for in situ measurements of nutrients and pollutants, design of instrumentation for measuring parameters related to ocean acidification, studies of optical characteristics of hydrocarbons to enable rapid detection of submerged products, development of technology for optical tagging, and studies of the optical properties of marine particles and algae. He has authored/co-authored numerous publications and holds four U.S. patents.

Team Members

Eric Kaltenbacher
Robert Byrne
Jac Fought
Lori Adornato
Sherwood Liu
Brian Sikorski
Team Leader:
Eric Kaltenbacher
St. Petersburg, FL, United States

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