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Team Xylem has a long and successful track record of commercializing high-performance and reliable optical chemical sensors used in oceanography and will leverage this experience to develop a pH-sensing platform to address the needs of the growing problems associated with climate change and ocean acidification. The team brings together innovative engineers with experience commercializing sensors and scientists from leading research institutes. It’s comprised of individuals from two Xylem businesses, Aanderaa Data Instruments in Bergen, Norway and YSI in Yellow Springs, Ohio as well as scientists from research institutes in other cities in Norway and Sweden. Both Aanderaa and YSI offer a broad range of water quality and quantity sensors for in situ monitoring in natural aquatic environments. The team is exceptionally qualified to develop a pH sensing solution that not only offers the required performance criteria under the full range of environmental conditions but that is also easily manufacturable, reliable, intuitive to use and cost-effective. Team Xylem is dedicated to the development of robust technologies that will help address the challenges of climate change and is excited to participate in this landmark competition.

About Team Leader

Jostein Hovdenes is the sensor development manager at Aanderaa Data Instruments, a Xylem company. He graduated from Bergen University College in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science degree in electronics covering skills such as analogue and digital electronic design, mathematics, physics and software development. Since graduation, Jostein has been working in product development at Aanderaa Data Instruments in Bergen, Norway. He has been involved in a wide range of projects including the commercialization of several groundbreaking sensors for oceanographic applications.

Team Members

Jostein Hovdenes
Robert Ellison
Anders Tengberg
Christopher Palassis
Peter Thomas
Team Leader:
Jostein Hovdenes
Beverly, MA, United States

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